I’m going to be working on this guide over the next few years for the benefit of my self and whoever cares to read it. Just a little info about me, I’m 22 and live near Denver in Colorado. I’m giving that info out because a lot of our micro brews don’t leave the state to my knowledge.

I’m the kind of person that buys a different six pack every time i get beer because I’m a firm beleaver that verity is the greatest thing in the world. However because there are nearly 150 beers in my area alone often times i forget which one was which or just how a certain one really was. Not to mention the 50 odd beers i had in Belgium last summer.

I’ll say it right off, i really don’t like pale ales or IPAs however there are a few i do like and i’m willing to give them a chance, but if that is your favorite kind of beer theres a strong chance you won’t agree with most of the beers i like. I love dark beers, Barely wines (triples) and wheat beers without a doubt those are my favorites. I also love a lot of European biers.

Now just to get a few beers up on the board and my format for gradeing down i thought i’d start with two of my favorite beers.

My top pick for my area: Avery Brewing’s White Rascal

This really is one taste wheat beer. Its very light and goes down smooth. Doesn’t have too much of an orangey taste like many local wheat brews, however orange is used in it. It is packed with flavor from the spices and the coriander, very crisp. But my absolute favorite thing about it is how it truly captures the taste of a Belgian white beer. I wondered why this tasted so authentically Belgian and realized that about half the ingredients that go into this beer are actually imported from Belgium. As far as I’m concerned this is THE BEST light beer you can get around these parts. I’ll do a more comprehensive review next time i get a 6 pack of it.

White Rascal By Avery Brewing (Boulder, CO) (8.7/10)

Next my all time favorite beer: Leffe TripleHowever i’m unable to give an accurate review of it because i haven’t had it since August 07 and as I’m writing this its January 08. When reading my 1-10 scale i use this as a benchmark to judge all others. this is the only beer i have ever had that i would give an 10 to.

Leffe Triple By Leffe (Overijse, Belgium) (10/10)

Anyways if you read this far, see you next 6 pack!

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