Flying Dog Brewery – Road Dog

Its snowing out so i decided to pick up a sick pack tonight, always a good idea in colorado in case you get snowed in.

Road Dog Porter by Flying Dog Brewery

Recently i heard on the news that the flying dog brewery is moving all there production to Maryland. This is kind of sad for me because flying dog was one of the first micro brews i ever bought after i turned 21 and its still easily one of my favorites. Seeings how is dark and snowy outside i decided to go with a nice porter tonight. I find that porters (and stouts) are really great beers to drink when its snowing outside, there nice and think and packed with flavor.

Road dog is a very standard porter, and by saying that it doesn’t really have any strong characteristics that make it sound out against other porters, but thats not a bad thing. What i think they’ve really done with this beer is taken an idea and perfected it. Its thick and has a very sweet bitter taste but goes down really smooth. It has a very mild flavor as it enters your mouth however it gets alot bolder as it sits in your mouth and leaves you with a really nice after taste.

Road Dog By Flying Dog Brewing (Denver, CO) (7.5/10)

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