Lumpy Gravy by The Lagunitas Brewing co.

Tonight i also decided to pick up a nice pint. i always enjoy a nice special rare beer. Seeing as how i love Frank Zappa I’ve really liked getting this beer, i mean just look how cool the bottle looks, but what about inside.

This is the first time I’ve had this Zappa beer, i had the kill ugly radio one which was quite bitter and hoppy as can be. Which to me was a bit of a turn off considering i don’t really care for most pale ales. This beer however, is nothing like that.

Its really hard to describe but it is an ale, a brown ale from what i’ve read on other web pages. Its not very bitter at all ether which makes it extremely different from its brother ‘kill ugly radio’. It has a very light fruity bitter taste that tastes like some grape was added in somewhere. The taste is really mixed though, it has some elements of a brown ale but it also has some very weird elements of an IPA for instance you can tell this beer is sweet, but its bitter as well, however its not really predominately one or the other so its a very confusing taste to describe.

Personally i like it, but i wouldn’t buy it all the time, which is why i think its great it only comes in a pint, its the kind of beer that you would only want to enjoy once a month at most, and in that since its perfect for what it is. However i could see most of the people i know trying this beer and hating it. I like it for its complex taste and smoothness, this isn’t an average ale, in fact its far from it, but i would high recommend it if your in the mood for something different.

Lumpy Gravy By The Lagunitas Brewing co (Petaluma, CA) (6.6/10)

One thought on “Lumpy Gravy by The Lagunitas Brewing co.

  1. […] really heard of any beer being advertised as grape (although if you’ve read my review of Lumpy Gravy,   Although they don’t acctully advertise there beer as grape and it just kinda tastes like […]

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