Cocoa Porter by TommyKnocker

This brew is on its way out seeing as its almost spring and its time for a lot of brewery’s to releace there spring beers. So i thought i might enjoy a nice winter warmer tonight, Cocoa Porter, possibly the best dark beer you could ever have. Its thick, dark, and smooth. The taste comes on very lightly with a distinct flavor of chocolate or coco rather, because its not as sweet as chocolate beer. The coco flavor is perfect, and the aftertaste leaves you with a nice hit of that that lingers. The coco flavor according to the back is from a mixture of roasted cocoa beans and honey that each batch is brewed with. all i know is this porter is hands down my favorite porter i have ever had, its just perfect for so many reasons. Its thick and filling and has a very unique and extremely satisfying taste.

CoCoa Porter By Tommy Knocker (9.0/10) MUST TRY!


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