Vanilla Porter by Breckenridge Brewery

My cousin lately has been telling me to give this one a try. So with precious little time after 10 pm to find beer for sale in Broomfield (which usually is hard to find here after 9pm) my options where very limited but i managed to find a small place with a few microbrews.
This porter i think has a very old school kind of taste, it reminds me a lot of English porters. The vanilla taste makes it extremely mellow and smooth, however its a lot lighter of a taste than i expect, its not like vanilla coke where its an extremely strong taste its a very light mellow taste. For a porter too this isn’t nearly as filling as i expected.
Vanilla Porter by Breckenridge Brewery (Breckenridge, CO) (7.2/10)

One thought on “Vanilla Porter by Breckenridge Brewery

  1. Fuzz Martin says:

    I thought the vanilla was too overbearing. Had it been toned down a touch, it would have had a nice, subtle flavor. I thought it actually did taste too much like that disgusting “Vanilla Coke” vanilla. I tried drinking another one a few weeks ago, but I just couldn’t get through it. Gross.

    Oh… btw… Photo credit: Fuzz Martin. 😛

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