Pass Time Pale Ale – By Boülder Beer


I haven’t had a pale ale in a wile so i decided to get one of my favorites so i could write about it tonight. Pass time pale ale is how i think a pale ale should be, its a very mellow beer which isn’t usually what a pale ale is. When i think pale ale i think bitter however this isn’t at all. The selection of hops make it a very tasty beer where it doesn’t feel like your chugging a big bottle of hops in water. Its very mellow, very drinkable and really light. I usually stray away from the light beers but this one is worth a try once and a while. Its the kind of beer you wanna drink to have a nice relaxing night.

Pass Time pale ale By Boulder beer (Boulder,CO) (6.3*/10)

*I think that a lot of people might score this beer a lot higher because personally i prefer dark beers like i said in the intro. however for what it is i feel its a very good beer, however my scoreing system is completely based on how i personally feel about the beer.


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