Birra Moretti

PhotobucketTheres a first time for everything and tonight i had my first Italian beer. Usually i expect most imported beer to be fairly mediocre because usually the really good dark kinds are kept in there country only. For instance here in Colorado the only leffe i can get my hands on its the blonde, which is good but not nearly the best. But a really good example of this is Stella Artois people go crazy for it but i think its on par with MGD.

Jesse is raving about how great this beer is however i don’t really see it being anything that special, it tastes like a light European beer, just like stealla. To me this just tastes a lot like a mid grade American beer, light, no after taste and a smell that just smells like well… cheap beer. For the price this beer really isn’t that great, just get something cheaper from the states… MGD maybe?

Jesse had this to say: “Smells like weed, Tastes like heaven”

Birra Moretti (2/10) Jesse: (7.8/10)

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