Never Summer Ale By Boulder Beer

PhotobucketLast night when i was writing about pass time pale ale i discovered this winter brew on there web page Never summer ale, i thought it was kind of funny because its my buddy’s aim name so i went out of my way today to find it, Expecally since its boulder beer’s winter seasonal i probably won’t be able to find this brew again in a few weeks. Anyways to the beer…

This is a very mellow and very light beer for being a winter ale. One thing i really like about it is it has a very nice ale taste to it, light but still fairly tasty. In all honsty though theres nothing i can really see that makes this brew stand out among all other ales. This is the kind of beer I’d really like to drink at a bar, I think its because it reminds me a lot of my usual drink at the bar, Full Sail amber. Really though i can’t see my self rating this beer too high because they really didn’t push the bar with it, its an ale, very standard nothing really too unique about this one. If you want a very standard ale drink this, but i find it rather boring for a seasonal beer. To me, I think a seasonal beer should be something you should look forward to, i really don’t like winter so the one thing that really cheers me up during wintertime is the delicious winter brews, this one really doesn’t do much for me however, this beer is far too boring and meidcore for me to wait all year for it to come out.

Never Summer Ale By Boulder Beer (5/10) Jesse: (5/10)


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