Spring Ale by Blue Moon

PhotobucketWhen i first started drinking blue moon was always a beer of choice, still kind of is you can find it anywhere and its pretty decent for being so mass produced, its not the best but its a good option. Now i usually don’t care much for there seasonal beers with the exception of last years winter ale which was brewed with butterscotch and was quite possibly the tastiest beet of all time. I still however like to see what there doing with there seasonal because for a brewery that only realeaces 2 beers at a time you’d expect both of them to be extremely well made and delicious….

…however this ale isn’t very good at all. When i got home i realized that it was a lime wheat ale, so bascily we’re talking about a Mexican style beer because of the lime and after having read that, it lead up to its reputation, this really is a Mexican beer made in Canada. Also for being a wheat beer its very dark, it has an amber color. The taste is well, a bit unsettling, it says lime and it means it. Your basically buying a corona with a blue moon logo. Its light, its lime and its unbalanced. I think this beer is borderline awful.

Spring Ale by Blue Moon (Toronto, Canada) (2.3/10) Jesse: (2.5/10)

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