Trippel by New Belgium

PhotobucketBecause this is a Trippel I’ve been saving this for last. I’ve been to Belgium and I’ve had a few real Belgian abby style trippels and they have been with out a doubt the best beers I’ve ever had, so needless to say, I’m really looking forward to seeing what us Americans did with a great European idea, hopefully we didn’t fuck it up like we always do =).

This beer surprised me, Jesse tired it before me and he hated it. I just took my first sip and i think I’m in love, I’ve just found a beer thats a great local rival for white rascal. It has a very authentic Belgian taste which surprised me because New Belgium i feel kind of strays away from true Belgian brewing despite the brewery name, don’t get me wrong though i love fat tire just as much as anyone else, i just don’t think it tastes very Beligique. However this one really does! Its the second beer i’ve found here in America that has a authentic Belgian taste. Jesse calls it the rubber glove taste but i call it the greatest flavor on earth. This actually tastes like a real Trippel too. Extremely flavorful, heavy in gravity, spiced to perfection… you have to give this beer a shot if you see it because its fantastic.

So as i finish my sampler disappointed in the majority of the beers i thought sounded good that i haven’t tried, this was just what i was hoping for, discovering a new beer that i love. Finally when I’m missing the crowded small streets of Europe i have another option to have the wonderful taste again besides white rascal.

Trippel by New Belgium (Ft. Collins, Colorado) (8.7/10) Jesse: (3.7/10)


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