Cutthroat Porter by Odell Brewing co.

PhotobucketNo night is complete without a nice dark beer.

Tonight i finally found a porter that i haven’t tried, Odell’s Cutthroat. In the past i’ve thought of Odell as a pretty good brewery and this one is very good. Its very dark but not that thick, this is a very light porter, which caught me off guard, usually a beer this dark should be… well… thick. The lack of filling thickness this beer isn’t to say theres a lack in flavor, it tastes like a genuine porter with a slightly different twist. It has a slightly different and lighter aftertaste than most porters. This porter is pretty good, great taste with a light body.. i think i just found the perfect woman lol. Seriously though, this porter is the lightest porter I’ve had besides the Shawarz at Gordon and Beiersh.

Cutthroat Porter by Odell Brewing co. (8.2/10


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