La Rossa by Birra Moretti

PhotobucketBirra Moretti after giving it a bad review last week i decided to go ahead and give a different beer of theres a try, mainly because my cousin picked it out and i ended up with it so here it is!

This beer is a lot darker than its sister we tried last week. The flavor is, well, quite unique… when thinking about something to compare it to i could only think of one thing, a small microbrewery in Britange, France made a beer that had the same finish. Don’t get me wrong though, this one is actually pretty tasty. This beer goes down pretty smooth but the one thing i find very noticeable about this beer is how strong the smell is, its a very sweet beery smell, i really dig it. The after taste is very mellow, and it sits pretty lightly in your stomach. This beer has proven to me that there is good beer that comes out of Italy.

Because of how unique this beer tastes i would recommend having it with some food. This beer would perfectly complement an alfrado dish with white meat.

La Rossa by Birra Moretti (6.8/10)

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