Skull Splitter Orkney Ale by Orkney Brewery

PhotobucketFirst of all, the label on this beer is cool looking. So when makeing my 6 pack tonight i decided to spring for a little more expensive beer and go for one i’ve really been wanting to try.

This is a Scottish beer, now the only other Scottish beer I’ve ever had was Wel Scotch wile i was in France which was pretty disappointing. This however is not, it has a nice dark amber color and has a very simple taste thats smooth and tasty. It has a malty flavor with a very traditional tasting Scottish aftertaste, which i really like. The malts in this are great, they taste amazing. The other thing i found very interesting about this beer is how smooth it is for a beer that has an alcohol % of 8.5, Usually beers with that high of alcohol are kind of overpowered by it, this isn’t its a very strong, very smooth, and VERY tasty beer. I would recommend this despite its higher price, because your really getting what you pay for, a delicious brew from the high lands.

Skull Splitter Orkney Ale by Orkney Brewery ( 7.4/10)

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