Haystack Wheat By Left Hand Brewing co

PhotobucketWell i hate to say it but I’m going to have to move out of my apt in a few days which means i’ll be living with my mom again for a wile. What does that translate to? Significantly less reviews. Well with that being said i’ve also been pretty busy with school in the last few weeks so i’ve been neglecting my reviews which i apologize for.

Haystack Wheat By Left Hand Brewing looked like a tasty choice for tonight, i’ve been on a really big left hand kick lately buying lot of there stuff. Haystack wheat is alot better than i was expecting, i usually really like how left hand does there brews so i dono why i didn’t expect this one to be great. This is a Belgian white inspired wheat beer, which is how i like my wheat beers. I find that American wheat beers are usually far too orangy and you can’t really fully enjoy the flavor its just bascily an orange beer (Shocktop, lienenkoogels, ect.) which isn’t bad but if you allow a wheat beer to actually flourish with its own flavor instead of adding fruit it can be a wonderful combo. This beer reminds me alot of white rascal which i really like, that makes 3 Authentic tasting Belgian beers in my area. I highly recommend haystack wheat, If you can buy it, do it.

Haystack Wheat By Left Hand Brewing co (8.9/10)


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