Mississippi mud by mississippi brewing co.

PhotobucketThis brew is a favorite of mine for a long time just because you have to love the bum jug bottle. Whats inside is what matters and its very good for a beer that comes in a bum jug. This beer is a black and tan which means its a dark beer mixed with a light beer, according to the back its porter and pilsner. It has the flavor of both the first taste is a slightly hoppy pale pilsner taste but the aftertaste and the consistency is that of a porter, its nice and sweet but slightly bitter. This is a good combo weirdly enough. I’d perfer a straight porter but this is alot easier to drink, so if you want great taste with great drinkabity this is what your looking for. I like this little bum jug, you should probably go get one too.


Mississippi mud by Mississippi brewing co. ( 7.6/10) +1 point for novelty


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