LongShot 2007 Grape Pale Ale by Lili Hess (Sam Adams Brew Contest Winner)

i’m sure you’ve seen the ads on TV for the Sam Adams brew contest every year. every year i wanna make a brew worth entering but i never have the equipment in time. Usually i always miss the longshot beer, i really wanted to try it last year but couldn’t find it anywhere. anyways, about the beer…

I acctully baught this 6 pack just to try it, i’ve never heard of a flavored pale ale before, and haven’t really heard of any beer being advertised as grape (although if you’ve read my review of Lumpy Gravy, Although they don’t acctully advertise there beer as grape and it just kinda tastes like it. I figured the flavor with the hoppyness would make for a really weird combo but grape goes quite well with the pale ale hops, its very lightly hopped and has a very light grape taste, nether are over powering and its a VERY good combo. Its Light and has an amazing grape flavor. Even my girlfriend liked it and she doesn’t like beer.

Get this one wile you can!

LongShot 2008 Grape Pale Ale by Lili Hess, HI (8.7/10)

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