Imperial Stout by Full Sail

PhotobucketI’ve never had an imperial stout before so i decided to give this one a try tonight. Full Sail makes some really good brews i get at the bar i like alot, amber and pale ale are both pretty good draft. This stout for being a dark beer has to be the worst dark beer i’ve had.

Imperial implies hoppy, which i know i don’t like but i decided to give it a shot anyways. This beer smells great, when you catch a wiff of it, it smells a lot like milk stout or some other delicious dark beer, but the taste is like any beer from stone brewery, violently hoppy. Also for the aftertaste it leaves you with this weird coat in your mouth like a Imperial porter. Personally i don’t think hoppy taste should ever collide with dark beers. The taste is unbalanced and dry. This is just an awful dark beer, i don’t recommend that anyone gets this one.

Imperial Stout by Full Sail (3.9/10)

2 thoughts on “Imperial Stout by Full Sail

  1. berencamlost says:

    Full Sail rocks! A friend of mine just toured their brewery a week ago, and they had some stout they brewed a few years ago aging in old oak whisky barrels. He got to try some and absolutely loved it.
    Besides the great beer they put out, they’re also employee owned, which is a plus!

  2. jgammeter says:

    oh don’t get me wrong i really like full sail, i actually drink full sail amber and pale ale a lot at the bar. however i think that imperial stout was still a pretty iffy beer at best.

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