PhotobucketThis is probably one of the biggest beers i’ve reviewed so far and since i had a single beer left from doing car bombs earlier this week, i figured i might as well crack out a review of the Irish Classic.

Usually i don’t drink Guinness alone but tonight for the review i’m going to. Guinness is a stout but doesn’t really go down as think as most stouts i’ve had, however this was the first dark beer i ever had. When i first entered the world o f beer this was my first favorite beer but now as my tastes have been more refined i find that Guinness is better for cooking or mixing with irish cream and whiskey in a car bomb. Regardless, its taste alone is quite bitter, but not in a hoppy way, in a very dry way, which after having most other porters and stouts, i prefer them to be slightly sweet.

My biggest problem I’m finding with reviewing Guinness is that it is massively different draft and from a bottle, and its different if you pour it from a can into a glass. I mean… i actually really like Guinness draft, but from the bottle its just gross.

Guinness Draft (7.2/10)

Guinness Bottle (3.8/10)


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