Major Tom’s Pomegranate Wheat by the Fort Collins Brewery

PhotobucketI’ve never had anything from the ft. collins brewery but i love the city so why not, expecally when you find an odd ball beer like a pomegranate beer.

This has a rather different taste for a wheat beer but i really like it. The pomegranate taste mixes great with beer. I’ve noticed that pomegranate mixes really well with almost everything. This beer is light and dry, with a sweet slightly bitter tart taste of the pomegranate. The aftertaste is almost hoppy which is really odd for a wheat beer, i wasn’t sure i was actually tasting what i was tasting until i passed it around. The hoppy finish almost makes it feel like you just drank a pale ale but it comes on with a great fruity flavor.

This beer has a very complex flavor, Its a wheat beer with a hoppy (pale ale) finish with a slight hint of pomegranate though out the whole time its in your mouth. This beer is quite complex and quite unique, i love that about it.

Major Tom’s Pomegranate Wheat by the Fort Collins Brewery (7.4/10)


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