He’Brew Messiah Bold by Shmaltz


I’ve seen this beer at the liquor store a lot but i decided finally to give it a try since its always looked intriguing to me. I didn’t know which one to try messiah bold or the Genesis Ale but i decided to go with the darker colored one, Messiah Bold.

Messiah bold is a full bodied brown ale with some very light hoppy tones to it. It goes down nice and think and i think is great for a brown ale, its a lot thicker than most (IE. Honey Brown by JW Dundee) which i really like about it. The flavor is alot more bold than most other brown ales and i think the brown sugar in it is only enhanced by there selection of hops. Theres nothing too fancy going on here but for my money, this is one of the best Brown Ales i’ve had. L’Chaim!

He’Brew Messiah Bold by Shmaltz (7.6/10)

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