Xingu by Xingu (Brazil)

PhotobucketThis is a very different beer, its brewed from herbs, roots and grains and has no inspired western brewing techniques, because it uses traditional brewing techniques from the amazon. And because its a dark beer, i had to try it.

Its a mellow lager beer very light on fizz but it has a very unique twist to lager, it almost tastes like a cola. The taste is just way out there though, VERY unique for a beer. It has a  lager taste, but its alot more of a lager taste than most lagers. Next you can taste that there was root used in it somewhere, picture ‘root beer’ root that tastes like cola and you’ll be somewhere near the flavor. The after taste is almost like a porter thick and dark lightly bitter. The taste is very complex, it has three waves and there all pretty good. This is quite a different beer. I Recommend this beer pretty highly its a great beer from the country that invited flamethrowers for the sides of there car.

Xingu by Xingu (Brazil) (8.6/10)

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