Mojo Risin Double IPA by Boulder Beer

PhotobucketSo i thought this beer was the cheapest at the liquor store today and it ended up costing more than a 6 pack, $8.17, i ended up getting it just on the sole reason i wanna know what a 8 doller beer tastes like, and who doesn’t love the doors reference. This is a step in an odd direction for me because i usually don’t drink IPAs much less double IPAs. This beer is also limited Release so by the time you read this it probably will be gone forever.

First off this beer is strong, its a 10% alcohol beer which is really high. The smell is a wonderful hoppy smell, it reminds me a lot of Boulder beer’s Pass time Pale ale. The taste is extremely hoppy but not in a bad way. Its also very bitter, but not in a bad way. Somehow the crazy bastards at boulder beer figured out a way to actually have an IPA be extremely drinkable, not just an IPA but a double IPA. The first taste when you drink it is very smooth and very light but not lacking in flavor at all which most light beers tend to do. If you let it sit and mellow in your mouth for a little wile you can taste some porter like hoppy tones. I don’t see the flavor as being that complex although at the time of review i haven’t had an IPA since nearly 2 months ago. Back to an earlier note one of the things you really have to appreciate about this beer is it’s smell, its just how i want a beer to smell, its just amazing. The taste isn’t too overpowering for an IPA but it does have some very IPA style tones to it, so you know its still an IPA. Well i guess i found out how an $8 beer is, really good even if its an IPA.

Mojo Risin Double IPA by Boulder Beer (8.2/10)

I really like this beer but sometimes its too bitter, and the price really is too high, even though when finishing it i feel like I’ve had 3 beers, so i guess you DO really get your money’s worth, its just nicer when you have 6 different beers to try.

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