Hazed and Infused by Boulder Beer

PhotobucketSince i’ve been in a hoppy mood this week i decided to go with another of boulder beer’s hoppy beers, mainly again, because i love pass time.

First of all, i’ve never really known what dry hopped means so i did a little research and its a process of adding the hops after the wart is boiled (if you don’t know anything about brewing you might not know what i’m talking about) eather way though the result is a great hoppy taste with out the resulting bitterness. SCORE!

This beer is a very light ale, with some very nice hoppy tones to it with no bitterness at all. The first taste when you drink it is hoppy. Its nice and mellow, no overpowering hops here. The aftertaste dies off as fast as a lager. This beer is really nice its like a refreshing burst of hops with little bitter recourse. The dry hopped style is perfect for someone like me that likes hops but hates bitterness. Although i really like this beer, there isn’t really anything amazing or outstanding

Hazed and Infused by Boulder Beer (6.7/10)

2 thoughts on “Hazed and Infused by Boulder Beer

  1. berencamlost says:

    Given the amount of beer I’ve consumed in my life, I’m sure I’ve drank something that’s been dry hopped, but I can’t recall off the top of my head. I’ve got an IPA recipe that calls for dry hopping which I may brew one of these days.
    So is there a big microbrew scene down in Colorado? I’m pretty darn lucky to live in Portland where microbreweries are everywhere!

  2. jgammeter says:

    yeah the micro brew scene is quite big here, boulder alone has 7 microbreweries i know of. and Colorado has almost 2 per city it seems,

    new beligum
    left hand
    boulder beer
    avery brewing
    breckenridge brewing
    crabtree brewing

    are just a few of the bigger micro brews from the area around me.

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