Mojo IPA by Boulder Beer

PhotobucketAfter Mojo Risin’ yesterday i decided to take the IPA adventure a little further and give another one a try, i wanted to see what normal mojo tasted like and i also wanted to see what an IPA is like from the company that brought me my favorite pale ale, passtime.

This beer is excessively hoppy, however its not brewed in as careful a manner as Mojo Risin’. When you first taste it it seems like a pretty decent beer, its got a nice strong hoppy bite that isn’t bad at all. I like to let the beer sit in my mouth before i swallow it. The taste it leaves your mouth after it goes down is bitter, REALLY bitter. Remember those bitter beer face commercials from the early 90’s, this is the same aftertaste he was feeling. Don’t get me wrong though i really do like the first taste you get but i can’t get over how bitter the aftertaste is, its just kind of a drag.

Mojo IPA by Boulder Beer (3.4/10)

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