Draught Irish Stout by Beamish

I bought Beamish’s Draught Irish Stout on St. Patty’s day but I had to go to the torture chamber (dentist) today so I saved myself a few.

I’m gonna say it, I’m a little sick of Guinness. I’ve just had so much lately I had to find another Irish stout so that I could compare the styles of stouts.

I did the proper pouring method into a glass from the can it came in. Just like in Guinness cans, Beamish’s Irish Stout also has widgets in each one, ensuring a healthy head on your glass of beer. For a stout the beer itself is fairly light but the head on it is so creamy, its really quite wonderful. However, I ended up drinking up most of the head in the first few sips so it’s not as lasting as I would prefer. As far as taste goes Beamish’s Irish Stout is nothing complex, it tastes like an Irish stout, maybe a little lighter with some different malty tones than other stouts on the market. It’s slightly bitter, and although the taste is light the beer is at the same time nice and heavy. After half a beer you feel like you’ve eaten a small meal, which is always a great feeling to get from a brew.

As far as stouts are concerned this would have to be one of my favorites, and it is definitely better than Guinness, but I’d rather just get a milk stout.

Draught Irish Stout by Beamish (4.6/10)


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