Alaskan Amber by Alaskan Brewing co.

PhotobucketFor the last few days i’ve been talking about how i’ve wanted to try an alaskan beer, next thing i know i walk in to a liquer store and find one!

This is a really nice amber beer with a very light flavor thats nice and malty and goes down smooth. There isn’t too much complexity however the flavor thoughout is very good. The choice of hops also agree with the malts makeing them very mild but there, with no bitterness. What stands out the most is the nice malt flavor to it, its not as strong as a porter but it packs some pretty good malt flavor for how light it is.

Alaskan Amber by Alaskan Brewing co. (7.0/10)

-ALSO!  the website in the very near future will be undergoing some changes, Until now the entire web page has been just ran by me but a friend of mine will be doing editing in the entire web page and on top of that i should be adding about 3 more contributors to the web page to get more reviews up here for everyone to read. I’ll still be doing reviews as usual whenever i find the time to get one done.


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