Garde Dog (Biere de garde) by Flying dog Brewery

Photobucketi think this maybe the first seasonal I’ve seen from flying dog also on top of that its a biere de garde, for those who don’t know thats a very rare style of French beer that is a lot like a pale ale. it was originally made in case the other beer they made would go bad. Basically, its beer for keeping.

This beer comes on with a fairly intense french style hop taste, the best thing i could compare it to would be 1664, its got that really dry hop taste to it (not to be confused with dry hopped taste). If you let it sit in your mouth you can just taste the French beer style. Brings me back to drinking in Britange in France last summer. Although to tell you the truth i feel that this beer is better than most of the French beers i had wile i was in France, wile i don’t think most of them where in this style and where just lagers, they still have a very familiar taste that other French beers have. The beer finishes off very light and leaves only a very slight bitter taste in your mouth that isn’t as bitter as a pale ale. This beer is also EXTREMELY light however it doesn’t lack any flavor because of it, it still has a nice hoppy taste to it so it doesn’t disappoint. I think theres a lot to this beer if you know how to look hard enough.

Garde Dog (Biere de garde) by Flying dog Brewery (7.2/10)

I also really respect flying dog for there use of an old style you can’t really find here in the states.


2 thoughts on “Garde Dog (Biere de garde) by Flying dog Brewery

  1. It’s an American French taste … unfortunately, the Flying Dog beers are not selt in France ….

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