Blonde by Abbey of Leffe

Photobucketi had forgotten how fantastic this beer is, i had it for the first time in France I was so amazed with how wonderful this was i acctully went out and tired the entire brewery’s lineup the next day.

Leffe is a very common abbey beer in europe however its actually really uncommon. When you first crack open the bottle you’ll notice a very strong smell of eurobeer which i usually don’t like, get up the balls to take a drink after that smell and your seriously in heaven. The taste is almost indescribable. I’d like to say its almost like a banana clove flavored wheat beer but its not a wheat beer and i can’t really say for sure if its banana clove they used. According to the back this beer is an ale but it doesn’t have any bite that or hoppyness or even the malts you would associate with an ale. I would say its almost like a tripple.. or an American attempt at a tripple. The best i could discribe it would be, it comes on light with a tripple like mellowness. Then melts into a very strong banana clove like flavor, Finishing off with the zest of the banana clove on your tongue and a ale like undertone.

Complex and Amazing

Blonde by Abbey of Leffe (9.5/10)

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