Mass Transit ale by Bristol’s Brewing

Photobucketi haven’t had this beer since i left for France last summer so its been nearly a year so i’m looking foreward to cracking into it. Also remember how i said a lot of new content was coming, this will be my first video post and depending on how i like it i might conteune doing it.

Mass transit is very light, hoppy and quite delicious. Its supprsely light on the fizz for how light of an ale it is but its actually nice the way it is, i think they’ve reached the perfect level of carbonation with this beer for an ale, not usually something i judge a beer on but it is something worth noting. The beer has a nice hoppy taste thats just amazing, its alot like pass time pale ale where the hops are helping the flavor instead of just causing extreme bitterness. However the hops are are a different flavor they come on strong for about a second then it just melts off into this wonderful malt aftertaste.

Mass Transit ale by Bristol’s Brewing (8.1/10)


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