Levity by O’dell Brewing co.

PhotobucketLevity is an amber ale but its pretty light. It goes down really smooth and easy and has a nice little hoppy freshness as it enters your mouth. Unfortunately that little burst is most of the flavor, it has pretty much no aftertaste so you don’t get a nice lingering beer taste in your mouth. The other problem i have with this beer is there really isn’t any malt flavor at all, which i feel would be the one thing that could complement this beer a lot. On the other hand i realize that, that isn’t what the brewery was going for, they wanted a super light amber beer and they did make that. Its just with the hops used in this, it feels unbalanced without a nice malt flavor to follow it in the aftertaste.

Levity by O’dell Brewing co. (4.4/10)

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