West Coast I.P.A. by Green Flash Brewing Co.

PhotobucketAnother IPA tonight, i dono why. Today has been pretty weird i got 6 fillings so i have a bit of a headache tonight. I decided to take the dive again and go for an ipa, because i’m still trying to understand why this is biggest favortie for beer enthusiasts.

This beer has a pretty decent hoppy taste, i mean, don’t get me wrong its strong like ipa strong but it lacks ipa bitterness. the aftertaste is really clean but it does leave you with that kinda bitter ipa taste but not nearly as bad as most ipa’s. Its also a very copper colored beer which is kinda odd for an ipa which are usually very light. The high point of this beer is when it first enters your mouth, your blessed with a very strong however not really that bad, i mean its still uber bitter but its drinkable. To me though, its still just a little too bitter, i really don’t like ipa’s except for a select few. On another note though, for how light this beer is going down it packs quite a punch for its alc. content.

West Coast I.P.A. by Green Flash Brewing Co. (4.3/10)

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