Bitch Creek ESB Ale by Grand Teton Brewing Co.

PhotobucketI realized the other day that theres actually a very common beer you see everyday that i’ve never actually had before ESB, Extra Special Bitter. Originally i was under the impression that ESB where alot like pale ales but in fact there not really at all. Its a beer that has the hoppy tones of a pale ale but its balanced with the malts. So lets see how this goes

This is a new taste experience, you get blasted with hops like an ipa but it actually has enough malt to balance it out. As this beer enters your mouth you’ll very quickly notice the bitter IPA hop flavor. Shortly after the hop taste you get a nice rush of malt, however the hop bitterness remains. The aftertaste is slightly hoppy bitter but not nearly to the extent of an IPA or a pale ale. This beer is pretty good and the flavor is crazy for how dark it is, but the bitterness really does carry though the entire time, which i don’t like. However i really do like the malt flavor that this beer has.

Bitch Creek ESB Ale by Grand Teton Brewing Co. (6/10)

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