Black Dog Ale by Spanish Peaks

PhotobucketOne of my first reviews was of Spanish Peak’s Winter ale and for my money, was one of the worst beers I’ve had, it was like drinking hops. So i got up the balls to try another beer from Spanish peaks.

This is an English amber ale according to the bottle. When you first taste this I’m reminded of the other spanish peaks beer i had, very hoppy, however this is a much better type of hoppy. It also has a really nice malt wash that comes right after the hoppy taste and leaves you with a nice blend. The malt in this has a really great flavor, and it works perfectly to complement the hops. This beer is great because its very complex and you get a nice blast of the two flavors and you’d think the hop flavor would be too strong when you first taste it but the malts totally even it out.

Black Dog Ale by Spanish Peaks (7.7/10)


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