ESB 2008 (Spring Beer) by Sierra Nevada

I said with the last one that the ESB would make a return again very soon and here it is, Sierra Nevada’s ESB, there spring seasonal.

Again the word on this beer is balance. This beer really pulls it better than the other ESB i had, comes on with a very rich hoppy taste but is instantly cooled down by the heavy malts in this beer and the malts mean business. The hoppy tones are different from a lot of other beers there not really as dry tasting. The malts are seriously flavor-packed. It almost has the rich after taste of a porter for the after taste. On another note this beer is very physically light in color compared to its taste, this could almost win an award for biggest surprise for its color. This ESB is really fantastic.

ESB 2008 (Spring Beer) by Sierra Nevada (8.6/10)


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