1664 by Kronenbourg

PhotobucketAlright this beer is THE french beer, you can even get this stuff at McDonald’s in France.

Everything is very French about this beer, From its stinky smell to its light flavor this is the quintessential French beer. This beer is super light but still has quite has flavor so i would classify it as a lager, it doesn’t say anywhere on the bottle what it is though. It has a really fresh taste that just kinda melts into the mild tang of a lager, but it really does have a very strong lager taste, but its the French lager taste, its kind of hard to describe though, its just different. I would best describe it as Itallian lager gone right. I personally don’t like lagers too much but i have alot of really nice memory’s associated with this beer which makes it okay to me, but truthfully the flavor isn’t anything that would make me run out in the streets and sing about. Its good for a lager though, if thats your thing than you’ll probably love this beer.

1664 by Kronenbourg (6.2/10)

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