Inversion IPA by Deschutes Brewery

PhotobucketAnother IPA tonight this is the only beer i haven’t tried from Deschutes. After just having drank that long hammer this is has a hard act to follow.

Right off this beer has a great smell, personally i think IPAs are the best smelling beers. This beer is pretty hoppy and bitter, just like you would normally expect from an IPA. The hops used in this beer i think actually taste pretty good, they’d be a lot better if it didn’t have the hardcore bitterness to follow it. According to the bottle it says theres citrus after tones which i can kind of see but i think its more a result of the bitterness. Theres basically two tastes with this beer, really good hop taste then straight to wicked bitter. This beer is okay if you can deal with the bitterness.

Inversion IPA by Deschutes Brewery (4.8/10)

Great hops, Bad Bitter!


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