LongHammer IPA by Red Hook

PhotobucketIts funny i haven’t had anything from red hook yet on the site cause i really like the way they style there bottles. i’ve had my eye on this IPA for a wile and finally decided to try it.

First of all this IPA is the most mild one i’ve ever had, its almost pale ale like its so mild compared to well, every IPA ever. Physically the beer is very light. When this beer enters your mouth you get a short but very mild blast of very tasty hops. and heres the crazy thing is, theres no horrid burning bitter aftertaste. Its like an IPA where you can actually savor the flavor instead of just having your brain melted with all the hops in it. This is just an amazing IPA, So drinkable, so tasty, surely a great pick if your looking for a light beer and you like hop flavor.

LongHammer IPA by Red Hook (8.5/10)

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