SummberBright Ale by Breckenridge Brewery

Another seasonal lets see how it goes:

This beer sucks, I’m just gonna say that right off, save your self some time and money and just buy some PBR instead. The bottle says its an ale but it tastes alot more like a pilsner than anything else.  It comes on super light, not much flavor except for maybe a light lager taste. As soon as you swallow it you get this nasty blast of mid grade beer taste, its pretty much MGD lots of grians and not alot  any flavor you want in a beer. The pilsner i reviewed the other day i thought was bad because it had no flavor, this not only has no flavor, but comes with a nasty grainy american beer aftertaste. So really what i’m trying to say is this beer has absolutely no merit what so ever, it tastes like a cheap beer but costs like a micro brew! So your getting ripped off. Don’t buy this beer, Breckenridge makes a few good beers but this is the worst i have ever tried.

SummberBright Ale by Breckenridge Brewery (0.5/10)


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