Organic ESB by Lakefront

PhotobucketI’ll admit it, i’ve gone ESB crazy, i just can’t get enough.

This is unlike any other ESB i’ve had so far, usually they have a very strong IPA like hop flavor that comes with them, this doesn’t at all. It has a slight amount of the bitter flavor associated with the use of heavy hops like a usual ESB but its not even as strong as you’d expect that to be. Theres also no strong malt flavor like you’d expect. So i’m going to stop looking at this beer from an ESB standpoint and look at it from an ale standpoint, because thats what the taste is really like. As this beer enters your mouth it doesn’t really have alot of flavor, its not necessarily lite  As it sits in your mouth you get the light dry hoppy flavor of an ale. Right after you get that flavor and you swallow it all of a sudden you get this very mild bitter taste in your mouth that reminds me a lot of a pale ale. This beer is okay, its not really exciting, nor is it an ESB like the labol says. This ale is only okay.

Organic ESB by Lakefront (4.3/10)

One thought on “Organic ESB by Lakefront

  1. Dear jgammeter, Thanks for reviewing the Organic E.S.B. I think your perspective of not looking at the Lakefront Organic E.S.B like a traditional E.S.B. is a good and accurate. This is an ORGANIC E.S.B., and a more traditional style of English E.S.B. It is made using 100% organic hops, and 100% organic malts. In fact, it was the first certified organic beer bottled in the United States in 1995. Most so-called organic beers are using organic malts, but not organic hops, or they use a small amount of organic hops along with a heaping of conventionally grown, pesticide laden hops. Anheuser Busch along with a few other brewers petitioned to have the organic standard changed so that they could turn organic beer into a commodity product. Organic beers are not commodity products. We do our best to stay true to the style of E.S.B. beers while continuing to produce a true organic beer. Think of it as tasting what a beer would taste like 80 or 100 years ago. If you’re looking for a hoppier beer from Lakefront, please try our I.P.A., our Cream City Pale Ale, or our soon to be released Bridge Burner Strong Ale. Please keep up the good work of reviewing great beers!
    Orlando Segura
    Lakefront Brewery, Inc.

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