Zywiec Polish Beer


This is the first Poleish beer i’ve ever had. Personally i really wanna visit the country in the next few years, its been pretty high on my places to go list.

This is a pretty simple lager beer, but its pretty decent for a lager. The beer comes into your mouth fairly light but isn’t lacking in flavor at all, its almost like this sweet lager taste that comes with it that makes it pretty nice. It almost has a sort of sour aftertaste but i don’t want it to sound like its ‘sweet and sour’ its just like a slight sour hint to it, like a wheat beer. This beer is really good for a lager, in fact i’d call this beer from what i’ve had of lagers so far, the rolls royce of lagers.

Zywiec Polish Beer (5.6/10)

…But lagers still just arn’t my thing.


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