Rocky Mountain IPA by The Fort Collins Brewery

PhotobucketThis IPA is pretty nice, its got some great hops but its not that bitter. When you taste it you get some very nice hop flavor but no huge bitterness that you would expect.  I think the reason could be is that the malt flavor comes on right before the bitterness should. One thing thats nice though is that strong hop flavor is present though the entire time. One thing i’m also noticing about it is that it has a fairly high alc it feels like although i can’t find it anywhere on the bottle. The aftertaste is almost chalky with very little bitterness at all. This IPA is very drinkable and has some really great flavor with hardly any bitter recourse, i really dig this beer.

Rocky Mountain IPA by The Fort Collins Brewery (7.2/10)

FT. Collins brewery is really starting to become a favorite of mine, everything i try from up there is great.


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