Black Strap Stout by Bridgeport Brewing Co.

PhotobucketI really like the classy look of this bottle it was one thing that caught my eye when i baught it. That and i was looking for a porter that i haven’t reviewed at the biggest liquor store that i can make sampler packs at and well… I’m simply out of porters to review, that means its time to start trying to finish completing a review of all the stouts

This stout is actually fairly mild in the strong stouty taste you get with a stout, which i kinda like.  Its got a mild hop flavor but the malts really overpower it completely. It comes on malty then you get a tiny bit of hop flavor then you get a bit of stout flavor then it just melts into malt again. This beer is nice and smooth, and leaves such a nice malty stouty aftertaste, its just great. The only thing that could make this beer better is if they took the same idea and turned it into a milk stout. I like this stout, its a mild not so bold stout which i feel would make it very drinkable to people who usually shy away from darker beers, which is why i think it is a nice variation on the stout.

Black Strap Stout by Bridgeport Brewing Co. (8.1/10)


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