Boxcar brown by crabtree brewing

PhotobucketBoxcar brown is an extremely interesting brew, because it’s the only brown ale I have ever had that uses banana clove in it. This is a very odd combination, because almost no one mixes any flavors with brown ale. Now this beer is complex, you get almost 4 different flavors as you drink it. Entering your mouth it’s a bold brown ale, the taste is very distinct. Very shortly after that you can tell there’s some clove in there, its strong and immediately after you get that taste you get the flavor of the brown ale and the clove blending. The blend of the two is really like nothing else: when I first tasted it I thought it was really unsettling- it really is an unusual mixture – but the more I drink it the more I like it. It’s a almost sour taste, without the right appreciation I feel that a lot of people could dislike it but I think its wonderfully creative. This beer I so original it blows my mind and has a complexity to match its originality.

Boxcar brown by crabtree brewing (9.0/10)


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