The Kidd Lager by Ft Collins Brewery

PhotobucketFor the last few weeks i’ve been just going crazy about this brewery, Ft. Collins brews usually treat you right so i figured i check out there lager…

…and i’m extremely happy i did, The Kidd is Fantastic, the bottle says lager but more so its a schwarzbier, which is a German black beer that drinks incredibly light but has some of the best malt flavor that you would usually see in a porter. I’ve actually had the chance to try one before ad goron and bearche brewery. The beer enters your mouth smooth, and light, just like a blonde ale. Then you just get the most fantasic blend of mild hops and strong malts you’ve ever seen. The malts also blend with this very complementing smoky flavor. Its very chocolaty in the malts which i love this beer reminds me alot of coca porter’s chocolate malts. The thing that makes this beer incredible is it pretty much has my favorite porter flavors but it doesn’t completely fill you after 2 beers. People that like darks beers would love this, and people that love light beers would love this, this beer is just fantastic. After reading this you should probably buy a 6 pack of it.

The Kidd Lager by Ft Collins Brewery (9.7/10)

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