IPA by Lakefront

PhotobucketThis IPA dishes out the hops and is complex for a pale ale to boot, which i really like. This beer the first few times you drink it’s almost overwhelming hoppy and bitter, but you can notice a lot complexity within the bitterness. The beer comes on pretty light but then your blasted with a nice helping of hops. The hop flavor is my favorite part. Immediately after the hop flavor the beer becomes sharply bitter. Within the bitterness you can find this really nice dry fruity flavor that lasts shortly and goes back into bitterness. As you swallow this beer your presented with more floral and fruit for a very short burst before it goes down your throat. This IPA is complex and has a lot going on but is super bitter, but i think the complexity of the beer mixed with the hops make up for the bitterness.

IPA by Lakefront (6.7/10)

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