Ole Gnarly Wine by Laguntas Brewery.

PhotobucketBarley wine is the American version of the European tripple. i personally actually haven’t had anything of this style of beer outside of whats produced in Europe so this will be my first barley wine. also this beer is limited issue so 3 months from when i write this it probably won’t be found.

This beer has a hoppy smell and a pretty hoppy taste. Its very dry. The beer enters your mouth with a fairly hoppy taste then melds to an almost hard to describe flavor. The flavor is really dry throughout the entire time, the aftertaste is specifically dry. I really am on the fence with this beer i dono if i like it or not. wile i like the flavor and the way the hops are handled i also feel that its far too dry and bitter. So this is a pretty good beer but it deffnately has its flaws.

Ole Gnarly Wine by Laguntas Brewery. (6.3/10)


One thought on “Ole Gnarly Wine by Laguntas Brewery.

  1. Lori Carr says:

    Will you please send me a list of the beers you are serving at the upcoming Anderson Valley 12th Annual Beer Festival? My husband and I are creating a spreadsheet to help us rate all the wonderful brews. Thank you!

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