St. Rogue Red Ale by Rogue

PhotobucketI really like dry hopped beers thats why i picked this one out. I really love the art on rogue’s bottles but most of there beers are epicly bitter from what i can remember so i don’t usually get them, however dry hopped beers usually don’t have as bitter of a taste.

This is one bitter red ale, the flavor is really hoppy and it does taste dry hopped, but i can’t figure out where this bitterness is coming from. The beer also has a very earthy taste, its not a bad thing though. The more you drink it the less intense the bitterness gets, when you first crack into it’s a bit surprising. According to the web page alot of the bitterness comes from some fruit flavor after the hop flavor. I can tell that there’s a bit of fruit flavor in the aftertaste but i’m not quite getting it because of the bitterness right after the hop taste. This is a unique red ale that doesn’t mess around. To me it has just too much bitterness, it overpowers the rest of the flavors.

St. Rogue Red Ale by Rogue (4.3/10)

2 thoughts on “St. Rogue Red Ale by Rogue

  1. Banjo says:

    While Rogue does have their share of hoppy beers (they are a Northwest Brewery after all and the Brewmaster is referred to as John “More Hops” Maier). They do make quite a few that are not, Rogue Dead Guy Ale, Rogue Juniper Ale, Rogue Chocolate stout, and Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar are a few that come to mind right away. I recommend you try one of those if hoppiness isn’t what your palette craves. My personal favorite is Rogue Dead Guy Ale, I dare you not to like it.

  2. jgammeter says:

    ya i’ve tried dead guy ale and loved it. its a bazillion pages back on this blog.

    I plan to try every single other rogue brew you listed that i can find though =D

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