Z Lager by Fort Collins Brewery

PhotobucketThis is the last ft Collins brewery beer that I’ll be reviewing except for seasonals and special editions when i find them because this is the last standard ft Collins brewery beer i can get here, its really a shame too because this has made its way to becoming my favorite brewery around here.

Z lager isn’t anything like a normal standard lager the beer says its a ‘rauchbier’ which is apparently a style where the hops are dried over fire. This gives the beer a smokey taste, and you can taste it there but this beer is really malty and its a really good kind of malty, it blends with the smokey flavor really well. The malts are sweet and delicious and the great thing about this beer is for the nice rich malty flavor it has its really not that thick ether.

Z Lager by Fort Collins Brewery (8.9/10)

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