1554 by New Belgium

PhotobucketThis is an old favorite of mine and considering how big New Belgium is i should probably start tackling some reviews of the biggest and most famous microbrewery in Colorado. This is also a favorite of a friend of mine who doesn’t even really drink! so thats gotta say something about the quality of this brew

This beer acctully has a pretty funny story to it apparently the orignal recipe for 1554 was lost in a flood in 1997 and the current beer is based on a trial and error account of an old belgian black beer. This beer is fantastic, its almost like a Schwartzbier, its light but malty enough to satisfy the malt enthusiast such as my self. The malts are nice and chocolaty, rich, and just wonderful. The beer almost has a creamy texture. Since this is a very lost style of beer i can’t really compare it to anything elce, its just 1554, and it’s fantastic.

1554 by New Belgium (9.1/10)


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