Twisted Creek Wheat by Crabtree Brewing

PhotobucketCrabtree usually suprizes me with alot of there beers, they seem like there going to be simple standard beers but they always have a wonderful amount of complexity, of course i’m speaking of there beer ‘boxcar brown’ which just melted my face off with how unique it was last week.

Twisted Creek is a really nice wheat beer. First of all, theres some very mild banana clove flavor which i love. Personally i feel that wheat beer is all about spices to make the beer delicious, this is the way Beligans did it, its the way everyone should, although this beer is actually based off German wheat beers. What makes this wheat beer nice is it balances the wheat flavor with a very mild banana clove spice flavor, making it not too sharp with the spices however not too mild because all it has is Wheat beer flavor. The after taste dies off quickly, making this beer pretty refreshing to boot. This is a really nice wheat beer because it acheaves a really great balance of spice and wheat.

Twisted Creek Wheat by Crabtree Brewing (8.7/10)

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